Thursday, September 01, 2005

Age Before Beauty

Well, the epic battle is over. The wise old warrior defeated the up-and-coming king. If only the king had the batallion of troops behind him that the wise old warrior had, the battle would've been much more close. The king held his own, and singlehandedly fought valiantly, but two major flesh wounds, one inflicted by a barbarian war mongrel known for his destructive saber, caused the king to fall and die a slow death in this battle. With no successor willing to step up, the battle was lost.

This bard will continue to play all the pianos throughout the world from the bard in Crescent. Good man Corco has spent 10,000 Gil on the Life 2/Arise White Magic Potion, and used it to revive The King for his next battle in 4 days. Citizen K keeps dancing the Wonderwaltz and the Jitterbug.


At 9/05/2005 9:35 PM, Blogger PositivePaul said...

Never played Final Fantasy, eh? Oh well, I haven't either. Here's where I got the idea:


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