Monday, July 25, 2005

WTF -- 7/25/05

Today's What the F**K!?! is brought to you by Winston Churchill:

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
  • Willie Bloomquist back in the lineup. I thought I heard the Fox guy saying on Saturday that his hitting streak reached 12 games. Initially, I thought, "What the F**K -- didn't he have an 0'fer day on Friday?" But looking back at the box score, he came in for Spiezio as a defensive replacement, and didn't get an at-bat. However, he went hitless on Sunday, and has officially come back down to earth. What the F**K?!?
  • Mike Morse made yet another error that ended up costing the game. First we have a black hole in the offense, now we have a black hole in the defense. Can't we get someone in there who's at least average. What the F**K!?!?!?
  • Our good friend Bob Finnegan, throws out a W.A.G. that the Yankees would send over Carl Pavano for Randy Winn. Nevermind that Pavano is soon to come off the DL, I've never been very excited about him. Sure, it'd be nice to have another arm in the rotation, and I do belive that Pavano would pitch better in Safeco than in Yankee Stadium. However, we need a staff ace, and Pavano is a #3-4 at absolute best. However, considering Randy Winn's averageness (and expendability), if this deal can be done, and it means we rid ourselves of Ryan Franklin next year, I say What the F**K!!!?!


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