Wednesday, July 20, 2005

WTF -- 7/20/05

Something tells me I know what the highlight of WTF will be. PositivePaul, you can take it from here.

Edit: PositivePaul 7/21/05 8:23 a.m.

Actually, Corco, it's a toss-up:
  • Scott F. Spiezio got his 2nd hit of the year. A home run. His first in nearly 11 months. It also doubled his batting average. What the F**K?!?
  • Ryan "F***ing Flyball" Franklin gave up two home runs. Evidently he was also trying to share his feelings about a lack of run support with Orlando Hudson during the game. Or was he waxing poetic about stealing signs... What the F**K?!?
  • Wonderboy Mike Morse showed his defensive vulnerability, with three errors last night. More fuel for Franklin's fire? Still, he didn't let it affect his bat. He had more hits last night than Wilson "Exxon/Mr. Coffee" Valdez would've had in a week. And more extra-base hits than WV would've had in a month. What the F**K?!?
  • Oh, and I almost forgot one. JJ Putz and Matt Thornton must be having a side bet to see who can lead the relief corps in HRs. Currently, Thornton's ahead 9-7. Uh, guys -- you're pitchers. You're not supposed to GIVE UP HRs. What the F**K?!?


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