Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Welcome Munchausen!!!

My twin brother from a different mother in the M's blogosphere, Munchausen, has agreed to co-admin this blog with me. Welcome! Hopefully having another live body posting ideas here will breathe some life into this blog and get it rolling. Yay!

M's hired Don Baylor to be hitting coach. This is great news!!!! He was on my "ok" list for manager, although people I'm sure disagree with that decision. His presence here can only help the M's. I'm lovin' what the M's have done so far. Let's keep going!!!


At 11/09/2004 9:26 PM, Blogger (Deleted user) said...

I'm having a heck of a time getting on here tonight - my cnnection speed at home is pretty pathetic right now. I hope I can get this post in before I'm booted again.

I do like the hiring of Baylor as hitting coach. The M's seem to have assembled a coaching staff of authority figures, which has been lacking since Pinella left. I hope Baylor can inspire the M's more than he did the Mets this season.

Perhaps on those long road trips, as they're all in their sleeping bags, gathered around a shimmering flashlight, Papa Baylor can tell them about some funny Mike Cameron practical joke hijinks. Then he can switch it up a little and start telling a SCARY (ooooh, shiver - turn the flashlight off, Ichi!) story about Cammy's strikeout rate. (Oops - I think Reed just wet the bed!)

Yes, as you see, Baylor's a great hire.


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