Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Splash size pre-rankings...

As many of you may be aware, Munchausen and I both have filed a fiscal protest on the M's. That means that we are not willing to spend money on the M's (tickets, parking, concessions, etc...) until Howard Lincoln, and the rest of the front office, make decisions that dramatically improve this team. It's pretty much consensus that the M's need to make a big splash this offseason to get things back on track.

My curiosity, though, is -- what would that big splash be? I mean, really, they've got a lot of holes to fill, and it's certainly subject to debate whether the M's should make one HUGE splash and a few olympic-gold-medalist-divers'-sized splashes to fill in the other holes, or if they should make several moderate-sized splashes that would be large, but not completely as huge as, say, signing Beltran. I'm really okay with either, provided they interpret those splashes the same way I do. Although I do believe the M's have the bones to make several Beltran-sized splashes, I'm realistic enough to believe that they don't have the cojones and it's not likely that they will.

But, I'm only one voice in the blogosphere. I'm curious as to the different levels of splashes that the M's can make, and who you'd place in those levels. To start the discussion, I really have only one HUGE splash in mind. That's Beltran. Period. He's the hands down Holy Grail of this free agent market, pretty much consensus around the baseball world. I've heard some people question this, but it seems to be the case that he's the biggest prize of this offseason.

To use a ratings scale of "-1" to "3", "3" being a gray whale-sized tail fin splash, "2" being more of a walrus-sized splash, "1" being a penguin-sized splash, and "-1" being a total belly flop, what are people's splash rankings on the free agent list (let's use MLB's free agent list because it's nicely sortable).

Obviously, Beltran is a 3. If you want to debate this, that's fine, too. Are there any other 3's out there? Is Beltre a 3? Lots of people say, yes, and I'm leaning more that direction.

If there's one and only one move that they made this offseason that can and would silence my cynicism, it would, of course, to be to sign Carlos Beltran. If they made that signing alone, and band-aided the rest of the team for a run in 2006, I'd be just fine with that. I can't speak for Munchausen, but that one signing would get me buying tickets again.


At 11/10/2004 7:30 PM, Blogger Plenty said...

For my part, as far as position players go, Beltran is a 3. There are other players that I consider 3's as well, but none are on the same level as the Astros' young gun. Thus, here are 3a's: Beltre, Delgado, and Glaus. Those are the only players in my "3." I'll have to think about 2's and 1's...I'll get back to you.

If they can't get Beltran (next to impossible in my eyes), I'd be ecstatic with two from my 3a category. Of course, that would mean Delgado and Beltre or Glaus.

At 11/11/2004 11:55 AM, Blogger (Deleted user) said...

Personally, I have a pretty wide open splash scale. The moves the M's have made since 2000/2001 have been tiny, so any "name" player signed would be a relatively large splash to me.

I would have been happy getting just Tejada last season - it would have been enough that I wouldn't have even started a monetary boycott.

Reading this list, the players who would cause me to end my boycott are, (and at this point it would require signing two or three of the players, not one - unless it's Beltran), (also, I am not saying I'd LIKE to see these players on the M's, but if they did sign them it would be a positive move, in fact, most of these I would NOT like to see signed to the team if their rebuilding project goes as it should - with young, powerful players - but I wouldn't mind watching them help the M's win in the short-term):

Delgado, Carlos
Drew, J.D.
Martinez, Pedro

Best case scenario, I'd like to see one or two of these guys signed, then the remaining holes filled with trades for young, promising, powerful prospects who are good at defense.

At 11/11/2004 1:30 PM, Blogger RockyMariner said...

Hey lads,

Great site! Nice and clean looking, well organized, great layout! As a designer I am highly critical and dismissive of most sites....well done!

As for my splash? I too favor Beltran as the holy grail. Beltre is also a "1" although I think Beltran is the best fit. For "2's" I am looking at Clement and maybe Drew. Should be interesting! I am also pretty jazzed by getting Grover as skipper and I really like the staff he is putting together.

I raise 2 big teal and blue thumbs to your site. Cheers!

At 11/17/2004 8:51 AM, Blogger Gdub said...

Hi guys. Thanx for the link in the PI blog. Nice look to your blog. Anyway, on the free agents. If we can manage to pick up Delgado, that will help the offense. My concern is still defense. We need a 1b that can pick it. Now Bucky has had knee repair, maybe he can do the job. Delgado has never had a rep as a great def 1b. So ya DH him. Ya think the buckster has any hope at all as everyday 1b? I think maybe if indeed the lack of mobility was because of his knee.

The outfield. Hmmmmm. If you start Reed in center, I think we will have a pretty good defensive guy. Everything I saw from him last year points to that. Then you have a problem in left, because I agree with the PI bloggers in that Ibanez has to play everyday to be effective, and I think Winn does too. That tells me ya gotta trade Winn. He has pretty good trade value. That leaves you with an issue of OF backups. Hmmmm.

Now, 3b. I hate the gamble, but my gut feeling tells me that Glaus would be a great sign. Dont
want Koskie, and Batista is counter-productive to the defensive upgrade we need. Our kids that play third are not ready.

How about you guys mention some names for third besides Glaus and Koskie. I dont see Beltre in an M's uni. Also, who are some of the provem OF backups on the market?

Pitching. Pavano? Nah. He is not a #1 starter, and he is going to command that kind of money. Woody Williams strikes my fancy. Also, what is the contract status of Rick Ankiel? If he is available, he might be a good one to take a flyer on.

Well, thanx fer the time and the use of your eyes.


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