Friday, November 12, 2004

George Argyros - Ambassador

George Argyros was a previous owner of the Mariners. Criticized as one of the team's worst owners, Argyros owned the majority of the M's shares from '81-'89, during which period the M's went 570-725, with an average yearly attendance around $1 million. This included their worst-ever year, 1983, when they went 60-102.

Argyros ran the club even more conservative, fiscally, than the Oakland A's of today. His budget was tighter than a Grateful Dead jam. He didn't retain players when they got expensive, didn't sign impact free agents, and for the most part didn't make trades for good young players. Despite a relatively small buy-in, he made a lot of money when he sold the majority interest in the Mariners. He then went on to be a highly successful, (ultra-rich), real estate developer in California.

Then he did something that allowed him to be appointed an ambassador to a foreign nation, a position he was not qualified for, in a country whose native language he did not speak. What did he do? What country was it? I suggest that you read this..


At 11/15/2004 11:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I KNEW I should've brought my copy of Thiel's book home with me this weekend. There's a great blurb on Argyros in there that I re-read. I'll just have to grab it when I go back on Thanksgiving.

This is horribly frightening. Gee, what's next, Secretary of State? Commerce Secretary? Yikes...


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