Monday, April 24, 2006

Un-credible win tonight

Citizen K thoroughly enjoyed the Mariners' nice come-from-behind-after-being-ahead win [Monday] evening. I have to say, I called both Guardado coming into the game, and also Guardado giving up the tying run in the ninth. That was officially his umpteenth blown save of the season, already tying him with Bobby Ayala for most within one calendar year for the M's. However, a few of Poker Man's buddies were willing to pick up his usual slack. Citizen K salutes the efforts of Jose Lopez, Adrian Beltre, Yuniesky Betancourt, and Willie F. "Will-Blo" Bloomquist. Especially the latter, who Dave & Ron were oft to point out, stole his 18th base in a row. That truly is impressive, no sarcasm intended. Raul IbaƱez said "Willie -- he's right there with Carlos [Beltran]." And Raul had just said that Beltran was the best basestealer against or with whom he'd ever played.

The M's need one to win it. As Fairley idiotically blathers, "this game is as close as it can possibly be!!" Duh, really? What next, oh, master of the obvious, PhD candidate, MENSA chairman--Adrian Belter is a huge bust? Bless us with your prophetic wisdom, Dr. Solomon R. Fairley!

Bloomquist arrives on first base via the pinch run. Bloomquist of the 17 consecutive stolen base streak. Ron Fairley astutely notes "this is the one area where Bloomquist is the best on the ballclub." The deed is shortly done, Will-Blo arriving safely on second, despite the "great throw" by the Sox catcher (Fairley, 2006). Fairley and Niehaus (mostly the former) discuss Lou Pinella's (semi-)famous "a bloop or a blast" theory of how an extra-inning game would typically be won.

It turns out to be a bloop, as Yuniesky "The Man With The Damn Hard Name To Type" Betancourt dribbles a burner through the hole. "Boom-Boom" (Niehaus, 2006) scores ahead of the throw, and everyone (except the rather vocal Sox fans) goes home happy.

Citizen K actually decided tonight that Bloomquist is a valuable part of the team. Actually, since 2004 I've thought that, if used correctly, Will-Blo can be an asset. That role is pinch runner and late-inning defensive replacement. He has been used very well this season, IMO. He started a couple in a row, but it proved to be just as Hargrove said--a way to get him some AB's. However, with the way the Mariner offense has struggled, why not give him another start or two, spelling Betancourt or Lopez? (of which, Lopez would obviously be easier to spell...) How about even giving the immer-struggling Beltre a rest? Richie "Sexy" (Niehaus, 2006) Sexson is earning his dough, but WTF, Bank-Buster Beltre? I think Leone would have been a better choice at the position, for pete's sake...

All in all, a satisfying win. The starting pitching was again great at home, and the offense came through when it counted. Special mention to the pen (except for Guardad0) and Willie Bloomquist.


At 4/25/2006 7:55 AM, Blogger PositivePaul said...


Citizen K DOES exist :-)

Good to 'hear your voice' again, my twin brother from a different mother!

Indeed, I think Willie Bloomquist showed his true value to the team last night. This is exactly the role that he should have. Yeah, he's had a few clutch base hits, but those (in my mind, probably unfairly, but stil...) are negated by Hargrove's complete idiocy in putting him in the outfield (when he's their only infield backup).

Hope school's wrapping up for ya, and that we'll see you chime in every now and then this summer.


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