Saturday, March 04, 2006

WBC? (Yeah, you know me!)

The World Baseball Classic. It seems to be getting some bad press.

What's the deal--why the negativity? I admit, I haven't been paying close attention to baseball, but it seems to me that a tournament of teams from the entire globe might be even more compelling (and truthful) than the purported "World" Series, (featuring teams exclusively from only one continent, and players almost exclusively from one hemisphere.)

Is the reason because the tournament takes place during normal Spring Training time, meaning the play won't be as crisp as if it happened mid-MLB season? I recognize that argument, but in my opinion, the MLB members who do play in the tournament will find their readiness raised by the competition; they're used to competing and trying to win, so when they feel the ball smack a bat or slap percussively into a glove, they'll be into it as if it were the League Championship Series. To many non-Americans national pride is a huge factor in their everyday lives. I think that will spur this tournament on to high intrigue and drama.

So why are people down on it, just good old American jadedness?


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